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One of the strengths of the staff of the O'Donnell Funeral Home is our commitment to providing a meaningful funeral ceremony that captures the essence of the individual whom your family has entrusted to us. However, there are many different ways to recognize a life that has been lived, and we at the O'Donnell Funeral Home pride ourselves on our ability to design a final tribute that best fits the spiritual, emotional and economic needs of the family. Below is a sampling of some of the many varied services, which we can offer to those we have been honored with the responsibility to serve.

Traditional Services: The term traditional actually has many connotations based upon our evolving society. In Funeral Service it generally includes some form of visitation, a religious service conducted by a minister or priest and disposition by burial or cremation. However, this is merely a guide as different cultures encompass a variety of customs and traditions.

Pre-Arrangements: Please see special Pre-Arrangements elsewhere on this website.

Cremation: Please see special cremation options elsewhere on this website.

Direct Burial: This is a simple service where the family has requested Direct Burial consisting of a local transfer from the place of death, temporary shelter of remains, local transfer to the cemetery and necessary services of Funeral Director and staff with necessary authorizations. These services do not generally involve clergy or public participation.

Medical Donation to Science: This alternative is sometimes used by individuals who wish to further the research and training of those in the medical profession. Boston, Massachusetts is the home of several medical schools and research hospitals, which use these donations as a means of teaching and learning.

Transfer in or out of State: Often times, later in life, individuals, couples, or families will move out of the area either to retire or relocate. Upon a family death, many will want to return to the area of their birth, life or residence for funeral services. The staff at the O'Donnell Funeral Home can coordinate all aspects of this transfer either from Greater Lowell to someplace outside the region or from outside the region back to Greater Lowell.

Specialized Services and Requests: This section generally addresses any type of service, which is not already listed. The staff at the O' Donnell Funeral Home is always willing to try and accommodate any special request by the family.