Dear Arthur, Beth, & Mark, It was with great sadness, that our family learned of your mother Mary’s passing. She and your family were a large part of our life growing up in Lowell and she will be greatly missed. My mother considered her one of her dearest friends and has many fond memories of fighting on various political campaigns and sharing joyous events together including graduations, births, and weddings. As a child, I remember spending many afternoons sitting at her kitchen table while she and my mother talked or worked on some political campaign. To me it seemed like your she was always baking. Whenever I visited, she always seemed to have a plate of fresh homemade cookies. Around the holidays it was like visiting a bakery. I will always remember her Kourabiedes which were delicious but left powered sugar everywhere. Due to Covid, at the end of August we decided to move my mother into my house in NY from Maryland where she was living in an independent living complex. About a month ago, your mother called and since my mother’s telephone number now rings at my house, she and my mother got the chance to reconnect and discuss old times in Lowell. I spent a few minutes on the phone with her as well and it brought back many happy memories. I am so happy these two old friends got that last chance to speak and reminisce. It is a great way to remember your mother. I hope that all is well with the rest of your family and I am very sorry that we cannot be there personally to offer our condolences. If you decide to hold a memorial service later, please let us know. The best way to reach me is at . Best, John Palefsky and family